Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Gillen: Birthdays

Leah's birthday was Saturday and Anna's birthday is today!  I signed up to send them a package this month.  Along with that, I also wrote the Carolina Panthers an email as soon as I heard Leah and Anna were football fans.  I knew they would be getting some goodies in the mail (thanks to my contact who got back to me quickly), I just didn't know when.  I was so excited to find out the package arrived on Leah's birthday:
Items included: jerseys, logo cups, notepads, car magnets, stuffed Sir Pur (the Panther mascot), team picture, key chain, etc 

And here's a couple pictures from opening their gifts from my family on their birthdays:

I also included yellow and pink nail polish, with the names of "excuse me" and "jamaica me crazy"

 Leah told me they like their gifts!!


  1. We not only liked our gifts - we LOVED our gifts! And even more...we love YOU, Angie...for caring so much about the two of us! We continue to pray God rains down blessings upon your family for loving on a new widow and her teenage daughter!

  2. So awesome that you got the Panthers to donate stuff!!!!