Project Gillen

6/24/2014:  Leah is now re-married and they are in the process of adopting a sibling group.  Please visit her site for more info:

******12/11/2012 This project has been put on hold for now due to my own personal life and Leah's new married life! At some point I do want to focus on this again, but it may not be an online project.  It may be more focused in the current community I live in.  For now, I'm preparing for the arrival of child #2.

***UPDATE***: Starting in June, Project Gillen will be focused on sending encouragement to other widows as Leah has requested. Project Gillen: New direction

Please visit: to learn more about Leah Gillen(her response to this project: She gets it! (More than I do!).  In an effort to pay it forward and walk alongside Leah in the grieving process I'm hoping she'll receive some form of encouragement through the mail this year.  This is where you come in to help make it happen!

If you want to sign up for a specific month to send some form of encouragement, please email me a little about yourself and why you want to participate, what you think you'll send and what month you'd like to send it.
Please email me at:

Multiple people can sign up per month. I'll send out reminders along with Leah's mailing address.
**Also, Leah is in the beginning stages of adopting a 5 year old from Congo, so if you want to give money to help her in this adoption here's her link------->How to help

January(birthday month for Leah and daughter): youniquemom
To see what was in their birthday package click---> Birthdays!
And, outside of my package, Leah had a great 40th

Candy sent Leah and Anna to the Biltmore Inn for: High Tea
                 Monica sent a Valentines package: Goodies 

March(St Patrick's day): 
Tara sent care package, check it out ---->St Patrick's Day


Thanks for your support! 

Resource for widows:


  1. I am so blessed by such such a willingness to love on Anna (my daughter) and me in this way! You are truly being the hands of Jesus to us! May He bless you most abundantly!


  2.! I see the picture above, and I've turned into a little kid on Christmas Eve! How can I ever thank you enough for your kindness?!?! You are such a gem!

  3. I'm so glad you are excited! I've been blessed through this project!