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I have had this blog since 2011 before Younique was founded.  Lanetta contacted me because she wanted my email address as she is the mother to the founders of Younique.  We began corresponding and found that the idea behind my blog name met up with the mission of the company.  That, all of us are unique. And, I began my life as a Presenter.
 Part of the reason I became a presenter was because I have 2 sisters in law who told me they'd only purchase from me.  They were in awe of my 3d lashes the 1st time they saw them.  In fact, Rachael convinced my husband she could keep me in business. Rachael wasn't able to get her lashes as she was called to have her heart transplant shortly after I got my business kit.  She went to heaven shortly after that.

I was also excited to share the make-up with my Mom.  My parents were doing mission work on a small island in the Caribbean.  I was getting ready to start gathering make-up for my Mom for when she came back to the states.  About 4 weeks after Rachael made her journey to heaven, so did my Mom.

The summer of 2014 will always be remembered as the most difficult summer of my life.  One I don't want to relive.  However, I do believe in the company and love the awesome products that are available.

I'm excited to see where this Younique journey takes me.
Please join me on this journey by hosting a party, purchasing products or becoming a presenter for yourself.  No matter what you do you won't regret it!


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