Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Faves

1. Headed to the beach, don't forget your baby powder!
Have you seen that pin on pinterest telling you that baby powder helps remove sand. 
It's true.  We went to the beach not too long ago and I put baby powder on my feet and put my flip flops on while we were walking around shopping.  Yup, sand was gone!
**note:  the sand has to be dry.  We tried this on my 5 year old along with using a sheet to get the sand off...that was a no go because she was soaked, but when the sand was dry it came off with the baby powder!
2. Swim lessons: a sign it's truly summer!
3. My easy going boy!
4. Time with extended family
5. Air conditioning (it's gonna get HOT HOT HOT next week!)
6. I was able to do my make-up today(you have NO idea what a great accomplishment this is)!  It will probably melt off with the heat ;-)
7. I text bombed my brother(pretty sure it was close to 50). That's what he gets for not responding, it's not like he has a life or anything...bwahahaha(evil laugh). His loving name for me is Diphead.
Can you tell he's my baby brother!?!
8. Watching my girl interact with her brother.  She gets the best smile out of him!

Monday, June 24, 2013

I believe in Miracles...

I recently did a post about a family member who's cancer is back: Each Day Each Moment is a Gift. I'm still working through my emotions and I'm giving myself time to openly talk about it.  Also, I'm just letting myself feel the emotions so that I can move through them in a healthy manner.  For those of you that have walked the road of cancer with someone you love, how did you work through your emotions?

Harmony: has been walking a tough road with her husband having cancer.  There have been some miracles happening though!  Read this specific post: to get an update on the miracle and hope that is in her life!

I've also done a post about pediatric cancer: Good Cookie Spatula as cancer doesn't only affect adults.  It can show up in anyone at anytime.  I think that is what is so scary about cancer. It is silent and deadly.  Treatment is hard on the body with no guarantee of a positive outcome.

Heather Von St James contacted me about getting the word out about mesothelioma.  She is now cancer free even though her doctors gave her 15 months to live. Miracles do happen!

Click this link to watch her video:

Cancer affects many, many people.  At this point, most of us have someone in our lives who has cancer and many of you have or have had cancer.  Please join me in praying for those who are currently battling cancer and their families too!

And, an update about other family situations in my life:

For those of you that have read my blog before, you've read about Sweet Rachael.  Here's a quick update: Rachael is still on the transplant list for a heart and liver.  She's hoping to get on the transplant list in California because there just isn't enough donors in this area.  It is difficult to watch her health decline.  She's frail.  As I have told people, if any other organs fail she will no longer be able to get a transplant.  Please continue to pray for Rachael and her husband.  And, pray for us, as a family to know how to best support them.

I'm not sure if I've done a post about my brother who's lost limbs to tumors. I couldn't find a post so I'll give a short update:  Up to this point none of the tumors have been cancerous.  He's had a long road since elementary school. Tumors showed up in his left foot and would return shortly after being removed.  His leg was amputated his senior year of high school and he's had a long road of recovery to get to the point in which he's now walking with a new prosthetic leg!  His niece and nephew love to count his fingers and toes...he has 5 toes and 9 fingers.  Yes, the tumors have started showing up in his hand and so far he's lost a pinky.  Obviously, we hope he doesn't lose anymore but these tumors are quite aggressive.  He continues to have a positive attitude about his situation, which is one of the things I love dearly about him!

One of the many shirts I've made for my brother.  Although this picture doesn't do it justice, when he wears it  I think this is my favorite one.  These shirts are easy to make, but I can post about that another day.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tired Tuesday

Life was so busy over the past few days, I didn't even have time to think about my Monday Makeover post.  This summer posts may be somewhat irregular! I'll post when I can.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Faves

1. Quote from my daughter:  Why did you choose to disobey?  
She said:  I can't help it.  It's like on the ipad, it got unlocked inside of me and came out.
2. My smiley easy going boy
3.  Sleep...I've gotten more of it since my tuesday post!
4. Strawberries and freezer jam!  
My mom came over to help with it all!  Thank you Mom!
5. Snuggles with my daughter (I wasn't so fond of it being 4am but both of us went to sleep quickly, which means I also love her full size bed!)
6. Physical therapy seems to be improving my back
7. Coffee!
8. All the men in my life who fulfill the role of being a great dad: my hubby, my dad and my father in law.  Happy Father's Day!
9. Homemade butterfingers made with 3 simple ingredients:
Found the recipe here:
This was so easy to make:
1 pound candy corn
16 oz peanut butter
16 oz of chocolate  (I used milk chocolate chips, but the recipe called for chocolate coating)
*melt candy corn in microwave(do in increments and stir to see if it's melted), stir in peanut butter
*put in 8x8 container lined with parchment paper
*once set up coat with chocolate and let set on wax paper
Next time I think I'll just put the chocolate on top of the butterfingers once it's in the 8x8 container to take out a step and make it easier.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tired Tuesday

I was surprised to see my husband bring me our 4 month old at 4am this morning to feed him.  Apparently, I was so tired I didn't hear him cry.  I told my husband I was sorry and he said he assumed it was a sign of how tired I was...sleeping through my child crying...that has NEVER happened before!

It must be a miracle I'm actually functioning! ;-)

Not sure where I found this quote, but it isn't mine. If I had the link I'd totally have it here,..

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Makeover: Postpartum Physical therapy

I saw my physical therapist for the first time on Thursday and I have 4 weeks of physical therapy scheduled.  Here's what's going on:

1. My core muscles need to be tightened and strengthened due to being stretched out
2. I felt really weak when she was having me do exercises
3. I was instructed to wear my hip belt when my muscles are fatigued or when I'm out and about with the kids.   That is until I have more strength in my muscles.
4.  It's ok for me to swim or ride my bike.  I rode my bike 10 minutes 1 evening last week.  
My physical therapist said when I feel I can, add on minutes slowly and not overdo.
5.  If the problem isn't resolved in 4 weeks, I will see my doctor again and go from there.
But I'm hopeful that 2 pt appointments a week should bring good results.

This will be a slow recovery process as I know there's lots of strengthening that needs to be done.  For those of you out there who are recovering from pregnancy, I highly recommend physical therapy if you notice pain in your back, hips, or pelvic area.  Due to insurance not covering pt during my first pregnancy, I only went a few times and it was a short term fix since the issue was never was improved, but still there.  

Bare with me as I continue on in the journey.  I have a long way to go, but I'm confident that I'm on the right path to get back to doing my normal workouts!

I've also had time to reflect on how I was feeling this time last year and where I am now.  One day when we were at the pool I was sitting with my son thinking about how sick I was last year.  Sometimes you don't realize how bad it was until you look back.  I tried so hard to make our life normal for my daughter even though I was so sick during my first trimester.  She has been a trooper through it all and is a great big sister!  She loves her brother!  As frustrating as my recovery is I'm so thankful for my kids and my health.  Below is a picture from this time last year when we were able to enjoy the beach...although we miss Pullman, we do love having the beach nearby.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Faves

1. In last week's Friday faves I had my serola sacroiliac belt on the list. It's still playing a huge role in my recovery.  
My physical therapist said to continue wearing it while I'm out and about with the kids
until my muscles are stronger (stay tuned on Monday for an update).
2. Long weekend with the hubby home.
3. Day trip to the beach.
4. Smiley baby who made it through my physical therapy appointment
without a fuss!
5. Firsts for my 4 month old: He rolled over for the first time all 
by himself!
6. My new favorite chicken dish inspired by pinterest: 2-4 chicken breasts, favorite veggies,
italian dressing mix spread over it all, then topped with sliced lemons. Baked at 425
for 40-45 minutes. Next goal: try it with fish.

7. Thinking of food: some friends had us over for fish and chips last week.
The appetizer: fried onion rings were my absolute favorite.  My mouth is watering
just thinking about them right now!

8. Nice enough weather for the pool! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Each day, each moment is a gift...

I'm taking a break from my usual Monday Makeover post to reflect...

A family member's cancer is back.

I don't understand what God's plan is. Jeremiah 29:11

It is beyond comprehension.

Tears have come easy as I assess the situation.

A child will be without a mother.

A husband will be without his wife.

Parents without a daughter.

But yet I have to hold on to faith, hope and love. 1 Corinthians 13

My kids have been getting extra hugs from me as I focus on the great blessings in my life.  Each day, each moment is a gift and I don't want to take my life for granted.

I think we'll be having some tea parties this week!  One of my daughter's favorite activities!

So, on those days when you want to rip your hair out because your child is choosing selective hearing for the umpteenth time, remember how much you love them and it won't always be that way.

Each day is a gift!