Saturday, August 31, 2013

Local Flavor Swap Reveal,Glitter notebook tutorial, and Giveaway

Chaotic Goddess Swaps

My swap box partner, Becca, is from Florida. You can find her over at: and here's the direct link to what I sent her: Every day life flavor swap

She had a rough week, which made the swap box journey a little bit difficult:
1. Shooting in her town, which meant businesses closed delaying the mailing of the awesome swap box
2. USPS delivered the box to the wrong zip code despite having the correct 1 on the box. This delayed the delivery of the box 2 extra days.

In response to that, Becca was so sweet and emailed me a gift card!  Yup, she's awesome just like the contents of the box!

Here are the contents of my awesome swap box:

All things Disney:  Disney along with coffee and lemonade(my 2 favorite drinks)!  All set to go for a movie night! 

Gator and FSU milk chocolate for college football, nail polish the colors of the local school, shells to represent her favorite beach, the Help because I like the movie, and of course Florida orange juice!

Seriously, you would think Becca was one of my best friends!  This box screams ME(and my daughter loved it too)!!
Thanks Becca for all the thought and effort you put into this box!

For the box I filled for Becca I made her a notebook, it originally looked like this:

and I turned it into something Glitterific
 (and yes, I've been playing a disney fairies game on the ipad way too much this week!)

I believe I found the printable states at: 50 states

1. Print it and cut out the state along with the heart
2. Paint it with Mod Podge 
3. Sprinkle with glitter
4. When dry spray with Clear Acrylic Sealer Gloss
5. Super glue heart where you want it to go on the state
6. Paint the back of the state with mod podge and put it on the notebook

There ya go, easy peasy!

For those of you who love giveaways, I've framed a glitter state similar to the notebook I made for Becca:

Here's what I've made for the giveaway, it's in a 5x7 frame:

How to enter the giveaway:
Leave a comment on this blog telling me what state you live in
Become my friend on facebook: Angie Youniquemom
Winner will be announced in 1 week.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Makeover: Fit Moms for Life 6 week challenge, Will you join me?

Some new and exciting news for those of you who follow this blog closely, or for those of you who are new... welcome!

Here's a bit of background first:
Since becoming a stay at home mom health and fitness has become a major focus of mine.  So much so, that when Fit Moms for Life founder Dustin Maher asked to have 50 leaders start community groups focused on overall health and fitness I decided to consider it.

My degree is in social work and I've always enjoyed being in a position to help others.  My philosophy has always been focused on helping at least 1 person.  If I can make a difference in 1 person's life that is an accomplishment. 

I finally decided to watch the informational webinar, but was dragging my feet.  However, I stuck to it and became so excited!  But then I had to decide if I was going to follow through and commit or hold off.  I remember something my old boss, Steve, told me years ago, "Look back with no regrets."  I knew after thinking about this statement, I would regret it if I held off on this decision.

Looking to the future:  The week of September 23rd to be exact! Postponed for now, will update soon.
Now I'm committed to this 6 week challenge and am looking for people online and local to participate in it.  I will be a leader and participant. We can do anything for 6 weeks and I want YOU to join me!

So what exactly is this 6 week challenge? And who is it for?  This 6 week challenge is designed to awaken the importance of you taking care of you…. the whole you.  Physically, mentally and spiritually this program guides you through the challenges of making amazing transformations in your life by giving you the tools and the support network you need to become the most fit you’ve ever been. You don't have to be a mom to participate, in fact you just need to desire to participate in the program.

Those wishing to join me in this 6 week challenge can sign up online via my affiliate link: HERE. The cost for the program is $99 (plus s & h). Once you ave purchased the program, we will meet once a week for roughly 60-90 minutes.

The meeting with consist of:
  • Sharing our “wins”  from the week.
  • Working out together as a group (the online group might not be able to do this)
  • Watching an educational video teaching various lessons with subjects such as Mindset, Nutrition, Environment, and knowledge to  carry this information into our everyday lives.
  • Group discussion.
  • Weekly goal setting.
In addition to the weekly class, members are encouraged to work out at home to 30-minute FM4L workout DVDs 2 or 3 other times per week; to follow the 6-week food plan of easy, healthy, fat-burning recipes; and to complete fast, fun “homework” exercises that will keep their energy level going up and their weight going down.

Feel free to check out the Fit Moms For life website:
If you are interested in this program please email me or connect with me on facebook:
Angie Youniquemom

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tired Tuesday: Not all peanut butters are created equal

If you know our family, you know you will see Adam's peanut butter in our home.  That's it, no other peanut butter will do.

Imgaine the devastation and crises that ensued not that long ago when Costco all the sudden had NONE!

 If I remember correctly I sent out a text message like this to friends and family: 
 Family crises, Costco has no Adam's peanut butter. 
 I repeat, Costco has no Adam's peanut butter.  

I asked at the checkout and someone was more than willing to see if anyone had it.  Nope, AND he had no guarantee Costco would get more....GASP!  Then, I was kindly informed that Kirkland brand was comparable to Adam's.  I found that hard to believe, I even told this kind employee that we are "an Adam's family." Haha, yes I'm laughing at myself by now waiting with 2 kids to see if they have MY peanut butter! Ya know, since they only make it for me(if you don't get sarcasm like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, know that I'm being totally sarcastic)...

In my desparation I finally broke down and bought the Kirkland brand peanut butter. Part of me felt adventurous, I guess, along with being totally out of peanut butter!

Every now and then I enjoy mixing peanut butter and chocolate chips together as a snack/sweet treat. So, I went on to do my usual mixing and then sat down to enjoy my "treat."  There was no "treat" WHATSOEVER!


My husband and daughter don't mind having it on their toast with definitely need the jam with this peanut butter! So, we will use it, but let's get back to the story.

I went grocery shopping Sunday evening.  Keep in mind I haven't had my lovely treat of Adam's peanut butter and chocolate chips for a couple weeks now (I do think I'm having withdrawals!).  You guessed it, I went ahead and bought our lovely peanut butter..which I should have done in the first place!  That's what I get for trying to be adventurous and buy in bulk...

So, last night I mixed up my lovely snack and sat down to enjoy it.  Exactly how I remembered it...
All is right with the world

*Oh, and my hubby half-jokingly asked if I needed to label it "Angie's peanut butter"
THAT made me giggle

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Makeover: Postpartum PT Discharged and Working out!

I have some exciting news to share:  After 2 months of physical therapy I have been discharged! Celebration dance over here!!

For the first time in my life I finally feel that I've had success with physical therapy.  Now, in no way do I think my low back issues are gone.  However, I'm stronger and have exercises to do at the gym.  I was told to come back if needed because life happens and my hamstrings are tight (darn genetics!).

For those of you that have kiddos, I highly recommend finding a gym that provides childcare if it fits into your budget. Either that or swap childcare with a friend.  It is so worth it for me right now!  I go to the gym, drop my kids off in the childcare area, and head to the cardio equipment.  After 30 minutes of interval training on the eliptical machine, I do my 30 minutes of physical therapy exercises. 

Once my workouts are finished and I pick up my kiddos(who are just as happy as I am...yup even my 6 month old is all smiles!), I'm in a much better place to take on the world!  My back feels much better, I'm getting my workouts done AND all this is giving me energy to get housework done, do projects and enjoy my kiddos.  I even went grocery shopping last night and enjoyed being pain free!

That's all I have time to share for now, but stay tuned next week..I'm hoping to have pictures of all the pt exercises that are now part of my workout routine.

Links to my other Physical Therapy posts:
May 27th, Postpartum workouts
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Friday, August 16, 2013

DIY Glitter Letters

I've branched out and  this post can also be seen on:

Materials needed for glitter letters:
1. Paper Mache letters from Joann's: Click HERE for info
2. Paint (in my case pink paint) *spray paint would be easy!
3. Paint brush 
4. Mod podge
5. Glitter (again, in pink)
6. Clear acrylic sealer gloss
7. Paper bags or newspaper
Not all materials included in picture

Step 1: Put your letters on paper bags or newspaper to protect the surface of your craft area
Step 2: Begin painting your letters
Step 3: Allow paint to dry
Step 4: Paint 1 letter with ModPodge and sprinkle glitter over it 
The more ModPodge you put on it the better.
I avoided putting glitter on the sides of the letters. 
Step 5: Shake off excess glitter, repeat step 4 on next letter and use excess glitter from previous letter.
Repeat this process until you are finished with all letters.

Step 6:  Allow all letters to dry
Step 7:  Spray with Clear Acrylic Sealer to seal the glitter (this will keep the glitter in place)
Step 8: Allow letters to dry in well vented area
Step 9: Put up on wall in any way you want. 
I attached mine to pink tulle, glitter ribbon and a wooden rod.

**Things I learned during this project**
If I do this again I may try spray paint instead.  I was using what I had on hand, which was acrylic paint.  
Although I got plenty of glitter on the letters, I had to hurry to get the ModPodge on then get the glitter on. ModPodge dries quickly if not put on thick enough.
Glitter goes everywhere, make sure you are doing this project in a place that can easily be vacuumed.

Another glitter project coming soon!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tired Tuesday

I didn't have a chance to do my Monday Makeover post...I chose to do (gasp) housework instead! Maybe, just maybe, by the time school starts I'll be able to consistently do my Monday posts since I do have a lot to share! Physical therapy is going well and so is the gym.

For today, I'd like to share with you the bib my mother in law  made for John last week:

Friday, August 9, 2013

Local Flavor Swap

I'm excited to participate in my first ever Local Flavor swap with Chaotic Goddess Swaps!  I'm trying to branch out and thought this would be fun!

The idea is to pick items that represent your local area and send it to the other 
bloggy buddy that they partnered you up with.
All of us will be shipping our items at the same time and then doing a reveal 
of the package we received on our blog.  Sounds exciting right?!  

Today is the last day to enter: Chaotic Goddess Swaps Local Flavor Sign Up

Partners are picked tomorrow, so please enter asap!

Friday Faves

Hang in there with me, all posts have been postponed due to life! But I will do my Friday Faves real quick!

1. VBS (vacation bible school) daughter has been attending VBS this week at my in-laws church. She has decided to have a relationship with Jesus!!  Celebrations on earth and in heaven!

2.   I am getting a new computer set up this weekend, so there just might be more posts soon ...I've been posting from my ipad for the past 6 months.

3.  My Dad for building our computer for us.  Thanks Dad, you are awesome!

4. My in-laws for letting us crash at their place this week and basically take over their house!!  We have invaded...and when you have a 6 month and 5 year old old it is truly an invasion of space.
 Baby gear=nuff said

5. A bit of a fuzzy picture below due to my ipad and the constant movement of the kids.  Beth decided she needed to show me a "trick" and John thought it was great! Yay for happy kids!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Fave

My 1 Friday fave this week is my gym membership that includes childcare!!
I've been enjoying some real "me" time this week, which makes for a happy mama!
More info to come on my Monday Makeover post!
Some days may still be like the above picture, but it's amazing what a workout will do!