Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Motivation

For the 1st time in a few years I feel I actually get to take care of me.  Not that I wasn't taking care of myself before, but here's a quick synopsis:  First, we moved to a different state.  Found out I was pregnant with our 2nd child.  Life turned into survival mode for me with just trying to keep food down, adjusting to living in a new place and balancing life with a preschooler who missed her friends.  Another local move, had my son and my daughter started kindergarten. The lack of sleep that comes with having a newborn is not good for attempting to take care of yourself, so I continued to stay in survival mode until he slept through the night. We moved again, into our own home instead of an apartment.  I felt like I could breath again.  However, with a move, came unpacking everything that had been packed for over 2 years in storage along with keeping kids busy.  And, my daughter started a new school.  I actually didn't feel like I was out of survival mode until my son turned 1.  I didn't put pressure on myself to lose baby weight in his 1st year because I remember putting too much pressure on myself when my daughter was born.  I wasn't going to do that again.  Also, my body takes time to heal from being pregnant, and I took time to go to physical therapy so when I could focus on workouts I would know my body was ready.

I was making progress toward getting in shape, but the scale wasn't moving and inches weren't coming off like I had hoped. I did a 24 day challenge and lost 2 inches off my waist, but no weight came off.  I realize the scale isn't always an indicator of your progress, but I knew I needed to lose weight to get to where I wanted to be. So, for 2 straight months I got up before anyone else in my house was up and got my workouts in 5 days a week.  Still, nothing.  I knew I was getting stronger and didn't want to minimize all that effort, but at some point the scale HAD to start moving. In my support network there are plenty of people working toward optimal health and I knew it was time to reach out.  I was getting to a point that I was ashamed of my post-baby body, and before it wasn't an issue.  I had birthed a 10 pound baby, so I knew it would take some time to get to where I wanted to be.  But when everything I tried wasn't working, it was time to try something new.

That all brings me to the here and now.  I'm working on me, which makes me a better person.  Not only for myself, but it makes me a better wife, mom, and friend.  I have now been doing a new program for 6 weeks and am already seeing results in my energy along with weight loss.  There is no need for multiple cups of coffee and I'm not dragging when I get up in the mornings like I did before I started the program. I now have energy to play with the kids in the afternoon instead of putting in a movie to take a nap. I'm already seeing vast improvements in my quality of life..which not only makes me happy, but everyone around me benefits too.

I thought I was making my health a priority.  And, I was with the knowledge I had.  But, I feel I've found the missing piece to this puzzle of overall health and wellness.

I have lost now lost 20 pounds. Progress is great, but what I've learned about myself is more valuable than the weight loss.  I've learned that I can dig deep and stick to my eating plan while grieving the loss of my sister in law. I've learned much more than that, but this truly has been the greatest obstacle that has come up in these 6 weeks.

For those trying to figure out what health and wellness looks like, I recommend finding something that works for your body.  Stick with it, have realistic expectations and find something you can maintain for the rest of your life.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In honor of my sister in law, Rachael

Many of you that read my blog may remember this post: Sweet Rachael.  It was about my sister in law who was on the wait list for a heart and liver transplant.
People all over the world were praying.
Her transplant didn't go as we'd all hoped.
Yet, God is in it all.
Here's a link that is beautifully written as I'm trying to find words for this post:
Below is a video of Rachael's story from about 6 years ago.  Many people have seen it already, but it is touching.
As we've been going through this process with Rachael. I've also become an Independent Younique presenter and am now hosting an online party with my commissions going to family to help with any and all costs. I did a review of their 3d fiber lashes not that long ago: 3D fiber lashes review, you should be able to see it just below this post.
Please shop here for your cosmetics:
I'm hoping to be able to donate at least $200 to family.
Lots of people, even strangers, have contacted me and I've been so blessed by everyone's support during this difficult time. Thank you, thank you!