Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Fave: organizing at it's finest

Ok, so organizing is NOT my favorite thing to do. But when I find a thrifty way to organize that's quick and easy, that's my favorite! And, I'm starting to make progress on my office which has continued to stay a mess amidst the craziness of life. But my focus has changed. Instead of just closing the door and letting things pile up in that room I have decided it HAS to get organized! I've had this in my plans since moving into our house almost a year ago, but other things (survival) were my priority. And, my office is the 1 room my youngest doesn't go into, so instead of having that be my catch all room it needs to be my space...

This room also has my treadmill, Bubbles(yes I named my treadmill, now BACK OFF).
My office needs to stay clean just for my adventures in exercise. The rainy season is basically here in the Pacific Northwest and I'm ready to make sure Bubbles is ready to help me stay active (see, doesn't that sound more exciting than treadmill?!?).

Anyway, back to what I put together in a short amount of time. Do any of you have Quaker granola bar boxes at your house? I needed an easy way to store coloring books and construction paper.  Gather up those boxes and some duct tape for your creation:



There ya go, easy peasy!  Oh, the possibilities with this craft. Someday I'll make it look pretty with wrapping paper, but I needed the storage NOW!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 4th will never be the same...

You would think that on my Mom's birthday I might have a different emotion. But this morning I was angry.

Angry that on my daughters 1st day of 1st grade a few days ago I couldn't call my Mom and cry together over my baby growing up.

Angry that on my Mom's birthday I didn't have it in me to tell my daughter it is her Mammie's birthday because I didn't want to have her think about it all day at school without me.

Angry that I can't call my Mom and sing the birthday song as horribly and off key as possible.

I'm angry that  my son won't have a memory of his Mammie other than what we tell him.

Angry that I'm even in this situation.
Angry over being angry, and how much it hurts.

And, then, just like that as I was getting ready to head out the door to spend time with others focusing on health. 
My anger evaporated.

I spent time with amazing people willing to listen to me despite my tears. 
Agreeing that it is ok to feel so deeply.

I also had lots of texts from dear friends saying they were praying for me today.

And, when I got home this was waiting for me on my doorstep:

It is beautiful! And, my Mom loved roses!
Happy Birthday Mom, I wish I could deliver these flowers to you in person!
Thank you my dear friends and family who are praying and supporting us through this time!
I know I will look back on this time and see how God carried me!
And, thank you to a new friend for sharing this quote from my Mom about going to Dominica:
" when it comes to obedience to the call of God and my eternity...I will do whatever He asks of me." 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Motivation

May 28th, 2014 marked the day I started my new journey of focusing on health and wellness.
I saw changes right away, but there were more changes in my life I didn't know were coming.

 July 5th I lost my sister in law Rachael.
 August 7th I lost my Mom.
On a more positive note, I continued making healthy eating choices. 
The stress made me dig in my heals and say:  I'm doing this no matter what!

More to come at a later date..
However, I want to pay if forward.
Please contact me if you are interested in focusing on your health too!