Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hot topic: Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen

Yes, I'm pro-life.  Now, before you are ready to attack me, I want you to know that I have friends who are pro-choice.  We've come to a decision on this topic: agree to disagree. I feel deeply about  my beliefs and so do they; in no way are we going to change each others minds and to try to do so would be detrimental to our friendship.  If you choose to keep reading, please keep this in mind as I realize this is a very controversial subject.

I had the opportunity to hear Gianna Jessen speak.  She is funny, engaging, and you either love her or hate her(those were her words).  I love her!  Totally wanted to sit down and have coffee with her like I would my closest friends and family! She's spunky and lives her life to the fullest.

If you haven't heard of her, she's an abortion survivor.  Her medical records say: born during saline abortion.  She wasn't supposed to be able to even hold up her head, but she has accomplished much more than doctors said she would.  She has the gift of cerebral palsy(her words), which is due to her birth.  Amidst many of her accomplishments is running 2 marathons on her tiptoes.

Her message isn't one of condemnation.  She does believe abortion is murder (I do too), but her overall message was this:
You are valuable and have unspeakable worth.

She came into this world not wanted, her birth mother disposing of her.  But, yet, she found her hope in Jesus Christ.

She has turned the impossible situation into a story of hope to those who've ever felt unloved and unworthy.  When I get to heaven I will thank God for giving Gianna the opportunity to share her story.  So, for now, thank you Gianna for the boldness to stand up and share your story of hope.  Thank you for being a voice for the unborn.

Also, the movie  October baby: is inspired by Gianna's life. I haven't seen it yet, but totally want to!

Where do you stand on this issue(pro-life, pro-choice)?  Obviously, you know where I stand.  Do you agree or agree to disagree with me?

***Disrespectful comments will be deleted.  I believe we can be respectful with each other on this subject.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Project Gillen: St Patrick's Day Package

If you haven't check out Project Gillen , please do so and let me know if you want to be involved.
My dear friend Tara sent Leah and Anna a care package this month: 

Tara is proud of her Irish heritage, which is why I recruited her to participate this month!
Thanks Tara!  I'm hoping to get another guest blog post
from her soon!

Monday, March 26, 2012

My little monkey

I will now refer to my daughter on this blog as my little monkey.  I caught her on her bunk bed hanging upside down off the top bunk.  This is the first time I've caught her and she was trying to recruit her playmate to do the same thing.  THAT WOULD'VE BEEN A DISASTER!!  I realize there are worse things that can happen to a child, but I've also heard horror stories about kids getting hurt with bunk beds.

I've been trying to figure out why her legs seem like they have been rubbed raw on the skin behind her knees(is there a term for that??!!!) and now I know the reason.  During her quiet time in bed, she gets changed into dresses or skirts(if she's not already wearing 1)  and then hangs off the top bunk. No wonder she's so quiet!  Quite the sneaky little monkey!

That bunk bed may be taken apart soon if this behavior continues.  She's been warned!

Oh, and I searched the internet for a monkey picture to put here, but instead stumbled across this:
Sounds yummy to me!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Journey to a new back

Ok, so I know on this earth I will never have a new back, but I can do whatever is in my power to stay in shape and take care of the back I have.Thankfully, it has been well over a year since the injury flared up and I very much remember the process.

I managed to do my stress relief yoga this evening and I was able to do most of the stretches/moves. If I wake up in too much pain in the morning, I'll know I overdid it. I have avoided my bike this week because I tried it on Monday night and only lasted 7 minutes... my back wasn't happy with me Tuesday morning.

Honestly, this is a lesson of patience.  I LOVE my workouts not only because they are good for me, but because of how I feel mentally when I'm done. I don't feel so overwhelmed with life if I can focus my energy on a good workout. If I don't rush it I will gradually get back into all my workouts. This is a phase in the process.

Here's my new goals for next week:
Continue with stress relief yoga
physical therapy ab exercises
girl pushups(as long as it feels good)
chair dips(as long as it feels good)

And, of course, listen to my body and rest as needed. 

**Update:  Yoga was a success and today(Saturday) has been a great day.  Feeling like my back is on the mend.

And another thing.  While watching the biggest loser this week, I picked up a workout that I totally wanna try when I'm up for it.  I love it when I gain something from the show that is easily done without the gym or equipment.   You can do this workout anywhere:
20-jumping jacks
Do a total of 5 sets. 
Even my hubby said he wanted to try this!
If you do try it, please let me know, I'd love to hear how it went!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Starting over with workouts

Ok, so for those of you new to my blog I've had chronic back issues since high school.  This is the cycle:  My back goes out, I'm out of commission for a bit, and it's pretty much like starting over in my workouts after that to re-gain the strength that I lost.

The good news is, it has been over a year since it last happened and before it was at least every 6 months or less(after having my daughter I was in extreme pain with this issue more times than I care to count). On the upside, it seems that the workouts I'm doing are helping with this issue.

On the downside:  just to remind me that I still have back issues, it totally went out on Friday during my usual workout.  That's the frustrating part of my back problems is that there's no rhyme or reason to when it will go out.  One time it went out when I was tying one of my shoes...

As much as I dislike my back issues, I know the drill to get my strength back.  And, it seems the better shape I'm in the faster I gain my strength back.

If you wonder what my new workouts will look like, here they are:
10-20 minute bike workouts starting 1 time per day(gradually working up to 2, 20 minute workouts)
Yoga at least 2 times per week
Incorporating level 1 of 30 day shred (after I feel I've gained some of my strength back and doing it with out weights at first)

I'm very cautious about any new workouts because of my back issue.  If I get a new workout video, I watch it first to see if it's even a workout I can do knowing my limitations.  And, if it's something I can modify I will do it.

So, I'm hoping to be able to do a 20 minute workout this evening.   If I don't make it that far it will be at least 10 minutes.  It's all about listening to my body and not pushing it right now.

This picture came from here: Listen to your body

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just rambling...

So, I've been thinking about this blog lately and trying to figure out what I should focus on.  And, I said I would no longer be doing book reviews because I was getting tired of getting books that I didn't necessarily like.  But guess what??!!  I miss getting new books to read that I don't have to pay for, so maybe it is worth getting a few books I'm not a huge fan of??  Because it would be the same if I purchased those books, but I'd probably be more disappointed because I paid for them.  If I go back to reviewing books maybe I just need to pace myself a bit better instead of having 2 or more books on my "to do" list??  I'm thinking just reading 1 book, then publishing the review, and evaluate from there.  I guess I'll take it 1 book at a time. 

And, since one of my passions is fitness, maybe I need to focus more on that too??!! I do want to try some new fitness videos and I'm really liking Killer buns and thighs with Jillian Michaels, but sometimes I get bored after I've done something for too long(30 day shred is good too!).  Do I dare get out of my Jillian Michaels comfort zone and try something new... maybe try swimming in the pool that's onsite at our new apartment complex??

Amidst all this rambling, I'm thinking about going back to some of the basics that got me to start this blogging journey.  Book reviews and Fitness.

Of course I have other exciting things that I'll focus on too, like: Project Gillen, Make a Wish foundation, and continuing guest posts from my dear friend Tara.  So, maybe, just maybe I have enough material to keep this blog going.  I guess with my life drastically changing in the next few months I was feeling like I've lost a little focus and motivation to work on blog posts.

But somehow that motivation is coming back.

So, hang in there as I regain focus to continue with this hobby that is known as blogging.

Stolen from my new friend Mary, check out her face book page: She shares fitness

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More from Make a Wish

And, if you want to give to this organization:

Since I couldn't get the link to work on this information sheet, here it is: Sharing Spree