Monday, February 13, 2012

Easy creativity

Well, this weekend was crazy getting the house ready for the realtor to take pictures.  Last night I needed to focus on something for stress relief after my daughter went to bed for the night.  I decided to finally finish a coffee filter wreath I had started and also wanted to make a heart out of some cardboard I had saved.  Here's the final product:
Both of these were super easy to make but a little time consuming.

For the coffee filter wreath: you need some form of plain wreath(got mine at the dollar store), coffee filters and a glue gun.  Fold the coffee filters how you like and glue away.  It took me a little bit to plan out how I was going to do this, but once I got into the groove it didn't take long to finish.

For the heart you need: cut pieces of tissue paper, glue, a pencil and a heart shape(either poster board or cardboard).  Glue the area, wrap the paper around the end of a pencil and place on the cardboard how you want it.  Then, I used a hole punch to add some ribbon to hang it on the wall.


  1. I first saw the coffee filter wreaths on Pinterest, and I have planned to make one. I just need to get caught up on some scrapbooking first.

    1. This wreath sat waiting for me to make for well over 6 months! I had all the materials, it was just one of the last things on my to do list.