Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Pinata

2 lanterns from the dollar store are now a pinata.
My little monkey is turning 4 on Monday.  She was recently at a birthday party where there was a pinata, and since we are moving I'm throwing a birthday party at our house with some of her friends.  I decided I wanted to make her a pinata, because the ones at the store were out of my budget. Thanks to pinterest I had a couple ideas.  The above picture is what I came up with.  Didn't want to put a lot of time into it because it's all about the candy anyway, right?!! 

What took the most time was attaching the two lanterns together.  I used masking tape. Then, I inserted a coffee filter to cover the bottom of the pinata and filled with candy.  The last step was tying the ribbon around the middle to cover up the masking tape. So easy!


  1. It looks great! I'll bet she loves it!

    1. She's so excited for her party! Especially since she picked all the candy.