Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reflections for 2013

First of all, I'm 38 weeks along with this baby boy and so ready to meet him and hold him.  Not only that, but his big sister is excited too!

Many people come up with a word for the new year and I would say that we have a lot of changes that happened in 2012 and 2013 will bring even more change.  

My word for the year:

We are still getting settled in our new city, adjusting to apartment living, my husband's new job still feels new, living near family, and preparing for our new arrival.  Along with that, working on our support network outside of our extended family. And, basically, just surviving the end of a pregnancy!

I felt that I needed to try to avoid certain distractions and I've already taken some action to remove those distractions from my life. I'm focusing on building friendships. I will soon be focusing on what our new family unit will look like. I'm not really sure how much I'll be blogging, but that is an option I want to keep open for myself.  The hours I'll be keeping with a newborn will most likely be cause for more reflections about my life in general.

Some things I hope to be intentional about in 2013
(this list will grow throughout the year):
Relationships with my hubby, daughter, and newborn baby
Getting back into workouts 
(which includes participating in this: http://electricrun.com/portland-or/)
Spending time with extended family
Spending time with friends 

And, I'll leave you with a picture of a Christmas gift a friend mailed me:
Ever felt like this??

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