Saturday, November 15, 2014

National Adoption Month and November to Remember with Younique

Did you know that it is National Adoption Month?!? As November seems to be flying by, and I'm trying to just keep afloat, I have a few fundraisers going on to support friends who will be adopting. It has been fun to be able to be in a position to pay it forward by having a blast with Younique.

Remember the widow I was supporting in Project Gillen?!? She is now re-married and they plan to adopt a sibling group.  I'm currently in the middle of an online party with Younique and I'm donating to their adoption costs.  If you want to participate in this party please visit this link: Leah's lash party and click on shop my party. This party ends on November 22, 2014.

And, today, I just started another adoption fundraiser for the Martindale family. They have 2 biological children of their own and are in the process of fundraising for an adoption. I get the honor of supporting them through this party: Martindale Adoption Fundraiser

Please let me know if you want to participate in any of these parties on Facebook. Or feel free to make your purchase through 1 of these parties.

And, if any of you are wondering what Younique is all about, please take a few minutes watch this video:
If the video isn't loading, here's the direct link to watch it: Younique November to Remember

I'm continually amazed at what is happening with this young company and am excited to continue to be able to not only wear these cosmetics, but share it with others.

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