Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 year old antics

My daughter was recently in a wedding.  The last wedding she was in, she was the sweetest girl  standing next to me with my bouquet(yup, role reversal, she held my bouquet and I threw the flower petals).  So, I expected a performance just like that...that's what I get for having expectations!

These are the things I should have considered:
1. The wedding was at 4pm, so figure in no nap and the attempt to stay awake.
2.  Warning sign: fell asleep on the short trip to get to the church for the ceremony
3.  My daughter is 3, she walks into a room and sometimes says:
"Everybody, I'm here!" 
4. At the last wedding I had marshmallows in my dress pockets.  I was literally giving all the kids on stage marshmallows as fast as possible to keep them occupied.  Seriously, I stuffed 1 in one of their mouths when they were in the process of saying something.  No pockets or marshmallows this time :(

Here's the recap of the adventure:
She had her own bouquet to hold in her hands, which was good and ideal.

However, she found flower petals on the stage and threw them off.

When she realized the photographer was taking pictures of her, she looked at me and said he was taking pictures of her, turned around and began posing for him.

Decided to lie down on stage and do snow angels on the carpet, so would they be considered carpet angels? 

I was doing all I could to keep from laughing at this point, because that would only encourage her behavior.

I also had this moment of fear wondering if she'd flash anyone showing off her undies.

At one point she told me I was captain hook (where did that come from?!)

Asked where daddy was(other side of stage), and I was tempted to send her there.

After carpet angles, she also decided it would be fun to bang her hands on the floor, which made a fair amount of noise.

She moved closer to where the bride was standing once she moved for communion, but refused to move when the bride returned.

All this while I was reminding her about the candy after the wedding if she would just BE QUIET!

The 1 thing that captured her attention: when the pianist played/sang Great is Thy Faithfulness.

 After the ceremony I asked her daddy if he noticed her during the ceremony.  He said he couldn't hear a word she said. And, people said she was absolutely adorable up there.  WHEW!

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