Saturday, November 12, 2011

Free Christmas Cards

Everyone likes to get something for free, right?!!! I ordered a total of 25 free cards today, which included free shipping!

I stumbled upon this with all the hours I've been sitting and elevating my foot:


1. Head to My Publisher and create an account.
2. Select the “Holiday Cards”
in the left hand menu.
3. Go through the steps of creating your cards.
4. In the Order Screen, change the order # to 10!
5. Just use coupon code HAPPY10FREE at checkout and click VERIFY CODE. Do not select a payment method since your total will be $0.00.
6. Your order total will be $0.00!
7. Place your order.


TO GET 5 MORE CARDS (You can repeat these steps if you have multiple email addresses you can use. So you could really finish ordering as many as you need with this part.)
1.  Click here to enter your email address to get your exclusive coupon code.
2.  Copy your coupon code down then create your greeting cards.
3. Enter quantity of 5 and the code at checkout.
4. Do not select a payment method since your total will be $0.00.
5. Place your order.

 This info from: My free product samples

 **I'm not sure how long this deal will last, but I wanted to pass it on...

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