Friday, March 23, 2012

Journey to a new back

Ok, so I know on this earth I will never have a new back, but I can do whatever is in my power to stay in shape and take care of the back I have.Thankfully, it has been well over a year since the injury flared up and I very much remember the process.

I managed to do my stress relief yoga this evening and I was able to do most of the stretches/moves. If I wake up in too much pain in the morning, I'll know I overdid it. I have avoided my bike this week because I tried it on Monday night and only lasted 7 minutes... my back wasn't happy with me Tuesday morning.

Honestly, this is a lesson of patience.  I LOVE my workouts not only because they are good for me, but because of how I feel mentally when I'm done. I don't feel so overwhelmed with life if I can focus my energy on a good workout. If I don't rush it I will gradually get back into all my workouts. This is a phase in the process.

Here's my new goals for next week:
Continue with stress relief yoga
physical therapy ab exercises
girl pushups(as long as it feels good)
chair dips(as long as it feels good)

And, of course, listen to my body and rest as needed. 

**Update:  Yoga was a success and today(Saturday) has been a great day.  Feeling like my back is on the mend.

And another thing.  While watching the biggest loser this week, I picked up a workout that I totally wanna try when I'm up for it.  I love it when I gain something from the show that is easily done without the gym or equipment.   You can do this workout anywhere:
20-jumping jacks
Do a total of 5 sets. 
Even my hubby said he wanted to try this!
If you do try it, please let me know, I'd love to hear how it went!

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