Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So much has happened in the last few weeks in our lives.  Around Valentines day we got the "For Sale" sign in the front yard.  Shortly after that we made the drive to Oregon to find an apartment for our upcoming move.  Found an apartment we like (as much as you can like an apartment after living in your own house for 7 years!), but had to wait to apply because they only hold an apartment for 2 weeks.  Got back home to have a busy week of showing the house, which meant hanging out with some friends to keep my daughter busy! Got a cash offer on the house, accepted the offer,  and sent off the application for our apartment.

Turned in the house paperwork today to finalize the sale and we are currently waiting to get the lease for the apartment in the mail!  All this happened in less than 3 weeks...

Although I'm sad to leave Eastern Washington, I'm beginning to get excited for our move now that I know where we will be living.  Now it's time to get organized since we are downsizing...

And, I also was able to be part of my first wish with Make a Wish.  It was a blast being part of the send off party so the family could leave and enjoy time in Disney World.  If you haven't checked out make a wish, it really is a great opportunity to be involved in something that brings such hope and joy to families going through a rough time.  Once we get moved and settled, I'm going to get involved with wishes there!

Also, for those of you who've participated in Project Gillen Leah has some exciting news about adopting a 5 year old.  If you haven't read her adoption announcement click here -----> Big Announcement  There are multiple fundraising options going on right now to help raise the initial funds to bring Holly home from Congo.  The newest one is on this site(for all you coffee addicts lovers):
And, if any of you who read my blog have any fundraising ideas please let myself or Leah know.

I also want to give a big THANK YOU to all of you who have participated in Project Gillen, either through praying for Leah and Anna or sending something special to show them support.  Your efforts have meant so much not only to Leah and Anna, but to me as well! 
Just LOVE this picture from Leah and Anna's High Tea! Had to post it again!


  1. It's a wonder you still have hair left after the past weeks! I'm so glad it is coming together for you guys. Just remember, the hell that is loving and unpacking is only temporary! You will survive...

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, spoken from a true professional mover ;)

    2. I know. It's sad. I said I would have been a great military wife because I "like" to move. Matt said no, I would be terrible because I'd be wanting to move at least a year before he was transferred! He theorizes that moving is my way of traveling the country. Lol