Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fitness plan during this pregnancy...

Ok, so during my first pregnancy my hubby and I went to the gym 3 times per week and I used the elliptical. Although it was better than nothing, I wanted to focus on strength training this time around so I don't lose the muscle I've worked so hard for.  I barely worked out during the first trimester due to "all day sickness", so I feel like I've lost a some of the muscle I had.  Basically, I want to maintain my fitness so my labor/delivery and recovery goes as well as possible.

That's where this new workout DVD comes in!!  Let me introduce you to: Erica Ziel from Knocked Up Fitness. Erica Ziel is a mom of 3 and a Pilate's instructor, certified personal trainer and nutritionist.  She is from southern California where she's sought out for her experience in pre and post natal fitness.  Please check out her website for more information.

I have been doing these workouts for 2 weeks now.  And, in a lot of ways it feels like I'm starting over.  But these DVDs are for anyone at any fitness level.  Erica truly focuses on reminding you to listen to your body and taking breaks if needed. The workouts are broken up into segments that make it doable for any one's schedule.  The workouts range from 8-20 minutes and can be paired with one another or repeated depending on your fitness level.  On days when I'm extremely exhausted, I start out with the core warm up and if that's all I'm up to doing I'm ok with that.

Her workouts include: 
Core Warm Up (12 minutes)
Prenatal Fitcamp (8 minutes)
Pilates arms (8 minutes)
Pilates Legs (10 minutes)
 Total Body Pilate's (8 minutes) 

DVD 2 
Core Cardio (12 minutes)
  Pilates Yoga (20 minutes).

I haven't done all the workouts yet, but what I have done so far is a good workout.  I feel like I'm working all the muscles that had such a hard time going back to "normal" after the delivery of my daughter.  I now have hope that maybe, just maybe, my muscle recovery after the delivery of this baby may not be as hard as it was the first time around.

If you are interested in purchasing these dvds, please look here: Amazon

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