Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pregnancy-6 months

Ok, so previously I was at the stage in this pregnancy where people were like "Oh, you're pregnant, I had no idea!"  While I've been thinking, "Yes, I've put on 15 pounds, and my belly is protruding..."  But, since we moved to a new place, all the people I meet would have no idea what I looked like before this pregnancy.  Especially, since a dear family member told me it doesn't look like I've gained weight.  She even added, "And, I'm not saying that just because I'm your sister in law, it's the truth."  I'm just finally LOOKING pregnant...

So now I've crossed a threshold.  I've gone from hearing, "I didn't know you were pregnant"  To, "When are you due??"  And, along with that comes strangers touching my belly. I know, I know, pregnant women are cute...I've always thought that, but I've never had the urge to touch a strangers pregnant belly.  Maybe I will when I'm a happy grandmother and miss those parenting days or maybe I'll just remember that there are some boundaries that aren't meant to be crossed?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against people touching my belly.  In fact, when it comes to family and friends it really doesn't bother me(maybe a little warning would be nice). One day I even forced my baby brother(who's no longer a baby, but I enjoy reminding him he is;), to touch my belly.  I may have freaked him out a little, but honestly, out of all my siblings he knows me the best.  Just wait until he actually feels this little guy move...this kid already has a strong kick!

And, then there's my 4 year old who all the sudden will realize my belly has grown and start giggling.  She has said things like: "Mama, your belly is growing."  She was also the first out of the family to feel baby brother kick.  And, just the other day she told my parents, "My mom is REALLY pregnant." LOL

All this to say, I'm enjoying this pregnancy as much as I can knowing it is most likely my last.  I'm making sure to keep my sense of humor amongst all of our adjustments in this move. I'm enjoying the fact that my daughter is so excited about her baby brother and has now changed his name to:  Lightning Thunder. 

And, at dinner tonight she informed me: "I actually warn people you are pregnant so you don't bump into people with your belly."  She totally cracks me up with her statements!

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