Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wacky Wednesday: Gum Happens on Eyebrows

I was in the kitchen doing dishes.  
I thought she was cleaning her room(that was what I asked her to do).
She comes to me with tears in her eyes and I see this sad face:  

Umm, Who gets gum on their eyebrows?!? My daughter apparently! While holding in my laughter I was trying to figure out what happened.

Here's her story: 
 Mom, the gum was sticking to my fingers when I was trying to put it in the garbage.  I tried to get my fingers unstuck and the gum just went on my eyebrows(hand gestures included).

The more questions I asked the more she stuck to her story, but gum just doesn't "accidentally" get in your eyebrows. 
And, for the record, she usually spits her gum in the garbage.

I thought this was hilarious, as I'm stifling my laughter, until I had to attempt to get the gum off those eyebrows!  As my brother said in a text, "Ya know, eyebrows are a catch all for everything, Lol."

1. I tried a warm washcloth hoping it would do something. No such luck, it only caused tears.  This is gum that we got at a parade months ago, it's cheap and it hardened real fast on her eyebrows

2.  I tried Adam's Peanut butter, no luck. If you haven't read my opinion about Adam's Peanut butter, please check it out: Not all Peanut Butters are created equal

3.  I was frantically texting my mom at this point.  She said a greasy peanut butter works best.  I found a peanut butter I only use to bake with and rubbed that on those gummy eyebrows.  Ahhh, success!  It still took some work but most of it was removed.

**She still has a tiny bit of gum left on 1 of her eyebrows.  I'd had enough tears and we just snuggled while watching a movie! It will eventually come off, but right now it just looks like a scab...

And, yes, I'm laughing about it now that the dramatic screaming is over.  I'm that mom who makes her daughter clean her room...such cruelty I know

What crazy gum stories do you have?  Please share, I need to know I'm not the only one!

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