Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tired Tuesday: Not all peanut butters are created equal

If you know our family, you know you will see Adam's peanut butter in our home.  That's it, no other peanut butter will do.

Imgaine the devastation and crises that ensued not that long ago when Costco all the sudden had NONE!

 If I remember correctly I sent out a text message like this to friends and family: 
 Family crises, Costco has no Adam's peanut butter. 
 I repeat, Costco has no Adam's peanut butter.  

I asked at the checkout and someone was more than willing to see if anyone had it.  Nope, AND he had no guarantee Costco would get more....GASP!  Then, I was kindly informed that Kirkland brand was comparable to Adam's.  I found that hard to believe, I even told this kind employee that we are "an Adam's family." Haha, yes I'm laughing at myself by now waiting with 2 kids to see if they have MY peanut butter! Ya know, since they only make it for me(if you don't get sarcasm like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, know that I'm being totally sarcastic)...

In my desparation I finally broke down and bought the Kirkland brand peanut butter. Part of me felt adventurous, I guess, along with being totally out of peanut butter!

Every now and then I enjoy mixing peanut butter and chocolate chips together as a snack/sweet treat. So, I went on to do my usual mixing and then sat down to enjoy my "treat."  There was no "treat" WHATSOEVER!


My husband and daughter don't mind having it on their toast with jam...you definitely need the jam with this peanut butter! So, we will use it, but let's get back to the story.

I went grocery shopping Sunday evening.  Keep in mind I haven't had my lovely treat of Adam's peanut butter and chocolate chips for a couple weeks now (I do think I'm having withdrawals!).  You guessed it, I went ahead and bought our lovely peanut butter..which I should have done in the first place!  That's what I get for trying to be adventurous and buy in bulk...

So, last night I mixed up my lovely snack and sat down to enjoy it.  Exactly how I remembered it...
All is right with the world

*Oh, and my hubby half-jokingly asked if I needed to label it "Angie's peanut butter"
THAT made me giggle

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