Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In honor of my sister in law, Rachael

Many of you that read my blog may remember this post: Sweet Rachael.  It was about my sister in law who was on the wait list for a heart and liver transplant.
People all over the world were praying.
Her transplant didn't go as we'd all hoped.
Yet, God is in it all.
Here's a link that is beautifully written as I'm trying to find words for this post: http://battlegroundbuzz.com/2014/rachel/
Below is a video of Rachael's story from about 6 years ago.  Many people have seen it already, but it is touching.
As we've been going through this process with Rachael. I've also become an Independent Younique presenter and am now hosting an online party with my commissions going to family to help with any and all costs. I did a review of their 3d fiber lashes not that long ago: 3D fiber lashes review, you should be able to see it just below this post.
Please shop here for your cosmetics: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/angie/party/322564/view
I'm hoping to be able to donate at least $200 to family.
Lots of people, even strangers, have contacted me and I've been so blessed by everyone's support during this difficult time. Thank you, thank you!

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