Friday, August 22, 2014

Back to school

Right now I'm getting my daughter ready for the 1st grade.  And, it's hard. 
This time last year my Mom came shopping with us to get Beth ready for kindergarten.  Growing up my Mom always made getting ready for school fun.  She would take each of us shopping separately and it was our day to get new clothes.  We would spend the day 1 on 1 with her.  I always looked forward to that day every summer. She always had a hard time that 1st day we were back at school.  I get it now, I totally get it.
This summer with my daughter we were going to be prepping not only for school but for my parents visit in September. That visit was so close, I kept telling my mom:  "Hang in there, I get to hug you in person soon." Oh, how I'd love to hug her right now.
I'm writing this amidst sobs. I know my Mom is in heaven and no longer hurting.  But we all miss her so very much. She had a way of making every little thing a celebration. She had a way of knowing when you needed encouragement and gave you those encouraging words you needed to hear. She loved deeply.
I will miss her everyday of my life here on earth.
My brother put together this slideshow, it's a great

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