Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Samples, samples and more samples...

 This is what I received in the mail today:

Items: splenda essentials, emergen-c dietary supplement, seattle's best coffee, nescafe taster's choice instant coffee, and a dove haircare product.

I embarked on this journey to get free samples during my 2 weeks of rest after my foot surgery.  I stumbled upon this website: my free product samples.It is great!  I've received many more items beyond these ones.  It was just exciting to get so many items at 1 time in my mailbox(of course, I'd been gone for 1 week, but still very exciting).  I'm most excited about the Seattle's best coffee!

Here's some recommendations that's also shared on www.myfreeproductsamples.com/:
*Set up a separate email address just for requesting free items.  You'll get lots of junk mail!
*Don't give your real birth date (my viewpoint on this is to avoid identity theft).  Most sites want to make sure you're over 18.
*Don't give your real phone number unless you want solicitor's calling you!
*For myself personally: if it is going to take too much time outside of giving a name and address, then it's not worth it for me.
*Good samples go quickly, so check in the morning as soon as you get up.  Many times you have to like them on facebook before you can enter your name and address.

Items I've received in my first 2 months of requesting samples/free items:
*photo Christmas cards
*shampoo samples
*fragrance samples
*peterthomasroth laser free skin re-surfacer
*costco samples(I've been impressed with the size of their samples, not full size, but enough for multiple uses to really see if you want to purchase the product)
*disney princess postcard sent to my daughter after writing the disney fan department
*disney movie rewards without purchasing movies
*free redbox movie rentals
 *free calendars

I'm sure I'm forgetting some items and I'm waiting for more stuff in the mail. 

Who doesn't like getting free stuff without strings attached? I'd be interested to know what free items you've received...

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