Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweet innocence

Last night my daughter said this sweet prayer before bed: "Dear Jesus, Thank you for mommy and daddy, help daddy have a good interbew tomorrow, and thank you for God..."

And, today during a play date she stood in her windowsill and tore down her curtains and curtain rod (while her play buddy watched from her bed).  Now, this all happened while I was in the pantry removing my snowy clothes(and no I wasn't naked, I had dry clothing under the snow covered ones).   I quickly removed the curtain rod before it could be turned into a sword or weapon of some sort.  While getting my daughter ready for her nap I asked her what her reason was for taking her curtains down.  She quickly responded by saying, "I was trying to get in trouble." I did everything I could to keep from laughing!  I think I did chuckle a little and said this, "You were trying to get in trouble?"  "Yup!" Well, I'm glad she was being honest with me.

Her discipline will be helping Daddy fix it.  That's what her discipline was for the time her and the same play buddy were jumping on her bed which resulted in broken boards.  I informed them there was to be no jumping, and I walked past her room to hear them say, "did we break it? can we fix it? what should we do?"  Yup, they broke a board under the bed because they decided to jump after I said no. 

What I've learned with these 2 play buddies: don't leave them unattended in my daughter's bedroom...not even for 30 seconds!

I'm so blessed with the joy my daughter and her play mates bring into my life! 


  1. Your good attitude is an example! And Beth says the cutest things. Lol. What a little adorable stinker!!!!!!!

  2. Honestly, I have to stay positive for my sanity. Lol.