Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pregnancy fitness

Ok, so I haven't been talking much about how I'm doing sticking to my workouts lately.  And, quite frankly, there hasn't been much working out.  I'm finding if I don't get my workouts in during my hubby's workday then I don't get them in at all.  I was doing them when he came home from work in the evenings, but now that I'm carrying around a soccer ball in my belly, I'm finding my energy level isn't very high in the evenings.

And, during our 2nd move in 5 months, I was focusing on packing and unpacking which was all I had energy for.  Right when I thought I was gaining energy to get back into my workouts my current cold hit.  My hubby had it first and he fights off colds no problem so I thought, "Maybe this cold won't be so bad."  This cold got a 2nd wind and now I have a cough along with the congestion. Once this cough is gone I plan on getting back into my workouts.

However, I do remind myself that pregnancy is temporary so I don't get down about my workouts.  Working out is something I love and truly helps me have a better outlook on life.  Instead of focusing on how it's difficult to get my workouts in right now, I'm starting to focus on my game plan for post partum.  This has helped tremendously.

First, I plan on making an extra meal per week to put in the freezer until my little guy arrives.  This week I made some spaghetti sauce(which will end up being more than 1 meal, woohoo!!!).  In talking with my hubby, we are hoping to have 20 meals in the freezer that we will use on weekdays.  My hubby will be home to help on the weekends for 1 of us to be able to cook. Plus, friends and family have offered to help with food so I'm not too concerned about it at the moment.

I'm really looking forward to getting back on my bike, just gotta figure out where to set it up in the apartment. I was only halfway joking when I told a friend I might set it up in my closet...

But it would take up most of the closet if I did put it in there.
I would love to put it on the balcony, but I'm pretty sure that is against the apartment policy. So, at some point I'm sure I'll have a creative moment and figure that one out.  For now, I need to start organizing baby clothes!

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