Thursday, November 1, 2012

Belly pic

My pre-schooler is loving taking pictures.  Whether it's using my phone or camera she wants to take real pictures she can see right away.  I also like to include her in any way I can, especially when it comes to her baby brother.  Today I was texting a friend in Pullman and she asked for a current pregnant belly picture.  We were waiting in line at the post office and I asked Beth to take a quick picture with my phone.  She didn't have a lot of space to move back and neither did I.  So, here's the current picture:

And, since my personal camera has been dropped 1 too many times, my girl will soon be the recipient of a vtech kid camera that can be dropped and won't break.

While I'm at it I also finished knitting a hat for our little guy when he arrives in January:
My daughter is getting more and more excited to meet her brother!  She now has a list of things she wants to do with him:  read him books, teach him to roll over, teach him to write and many other things.  And, she does know that some of those things won't happen right away, but she's excited and has been very helpful with my growing belly getting in the way. For example:  when we were at the post office I put the package on the floor since we were waiting in line.  She took it upon herself to push the box forward for me as we moved forward.  I didn't even ask for her help. Such a sweet 4 1/2 year old!

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