Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Makeover: "No Poo" Update

And, it's Monday all over again!  It's amazing how quickly the days go by with 2 kids.  I keep thinking I should have it all figured out, but my baby is only 3 months old.

Our  apartment is a mess, let me set the scene:  the clean laundry is heaped in a corner in the hallway, my baby's room is a mess(I just packed away his newborn through 3 month clothes...but that's as far as I got, all the other clothing is spread around in bins), my daughter's room also looks extremely messy with toys all over and the tent that supposed to be on her bed just kinda thrown on the floor making her room look small. And, it seems like there's clutter everywhere...but honestly I'm exaggerating.  Spring fever has hit and I'm missing living in a house...

Now, that I've digressed it's time for me to focus on Monday Makeover.  If you want to look at my previous posts here are the links: 1st Monday Makeover: "no poo" and Monday Makeover

It's hard to believe I'm in week 3 of my "no poo" experiment.  And, for those of you that are new to my blog it has nothing to do with constipation.  It has all to do with not using shampoo (baking soda/water wash and apple cider vinegar/water conditioner).  I'm using the recipe from this video: Ashely's Green Life: No Poo Method.  The most popular recipe I've read is 1 tablespoon baking soda in 1 cup water and I think it might be the same for the apple cider vinegar.  I've been playing around with the apple cider vinegar/water mixture.  Once I'm happy with it, I'll let you know.

Week 3 observations:
Hair feels greasy(from what I've read I'm in the transition phase)
Itchy scalp (going to try some form of moisturizer on my scalp soon)
Little bit of dandruff which I've never had
Still curling well
Only using Pantene curl enhancer spray gel

I was hoping I'd skip this transition phase, but I'm hoping it doesn't last too long. And, I'm also hoping to be more consistent in my workouts, which means I'll be sweating more.  Not quite sure how this will affect the transition phase.  We've already had a warmer week and since I sweat like my dad I wonder if some of my greasiness is from that. My hubby and my daughter haven't noticed a change in the look of my hair.  Most of all my daughter would tell me if something was out of the ordinary.  I got some new clothes and when I wore one of my shirts she told me she liked part of it, but the other part needed to be removed.  I LOVE the honesty of a child!

Thanks for putting up with some rambling today!
Happy Monday!

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