Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adventures of "Rubber Doggie"

Rubber Doggie attended preschool last week.  He spit on her.  Then, she said something about him pooping?!!!These are two issues we've been working on: no spitting and no accidents.  Maybe she's trying to work all this out through rubber doggie?!!
Thankfully, rubber doggie hasn't started fake burping yet.  My 3 year old decided this was fun after hearing it from a friend.  Someone recommended to ignore this behavior.  Well, with my strong willed child that escalated her behavior to such a level that I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!  When my child looks me straight in the eye and fake burps, that is something I can't ignore. We started discussing yesterday what big girls do and don't do, which included no fake burping.  She was in a time out last night for 1 fake burp.   
**Result: no fake burping at breakfast this morning. I'd say we have a victory at the moment! I realize we will still have to work on this behavior, but any progress is reason to celebrate for this optimist :)

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