Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Did anyone else watch the Biggest Loser last night?  And, did you notice Bob's tattoos?!!  I don't know if I noticed them because of our new tv or what, but those tats are colorful!  So, if you wanna learn more about Bob Harper, click here: 25 things you don't know about Bob. I think it's cool he workouts to his own workout videos and takes his own supplements.  A man who actively uses his product! Just a side note:  I also miss Jillian.  Bob and Jillian worked so well together, but I guess this season hasn't been on for too long so I'll give it more time!

I've been thinking a lot lately about my workouts and my eating habits.  I want to reach a certain level of fitness and know I need to step it up in order to reach my goals. When I worked full time outside the home, I had a hard time fitting in my workouts.  And, as soon as I became a stay at home mom, my life was turned upside down and fitting in workouts became more of a struggle(sleep was higher priority at that point).  It has taken me 3 years and I finally feel like I'm getting into a rhythm of working out.  Monday, I was able to get 2 workouts in, but honestly that was for my sanity!  I do, however, want to get a couple workouts in a day and I think that may be my ticket to reaching some fitness goals. 

And, I need to work on my eating habits too.  I have food allergies and need to take those foods out of my diet.  With a husband and daughter who don't have food allergies, it does make things a little more complicated.   That's what I'm focusing on right now, eating foods that don't make me sick...that's always good right?!!!

Next on my agenda: try Bob's workout dvds. 

Always something to learn about exercise and nutrition.  What do you do to stay fit?

And, here's another site to keep calories within reason.  It shows how easy it is to add calories without thinking about it, which could mess with your weight loss goals: How easy it is to gain one pound in a week

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