Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tired Tuesday: New Leaf Wellness

Now, I'm playing catch up from clear back in December! I was given an eCookbook to review from Dr Kelly L McNelis, owner of  New Leaf Wellness.

I truly love what her goals are: 
"New Leaf wellness is all about balancing motherhood and a healthy lifestyle."
Oh boy, do I ever need help with that right now!  I'm trying to figure out life as a mother of 2!

I haven't had an opportunity to cook any of the recipes from the cookbook yet, but I'm excited to try them.  So, my review of the cookbook right now will be what I really like about how she put it all together.

*Each recipe is it's own page
*Each recipe can be prepped in 15 minutes or less (exactly what I need!)
*Shopping list for all recipes is included, even the size of casserole dishes you'll need  and freezer bags needed. (AWESOME!)
*Nutritional information included for each recipe
*Labels are at the end of it too, to make it easy to put the meals in the freezer!
*Freezer meal tips section is quite helpful!

Seriously, why haven't I made these recipes yet??!!! I'm not quite sure, but I do remember getting this cookbook and getting quite overwhelmed when I was hugely pregnant.  I sat it aside knowing someday I'd get back to it! I guess my new goal is to get everything on the shopping list and have a day where I put all the recipes together(I may have to split it up to be multiple days).  Or maybe I'll get a babysitter. Not really sure, but I LOVE trying new recipes!

Since you are already on my page, please head on over to Kelly's business page and check out her eCookbook.  You can get it in 2 ways and it's reasonably priced!  Also, she has other services she offers too, like personal coaching.  

Below is Kelly with her beautiful girls, Cameran (3) and Isla (1).

Make sure to check out her website: http://www.newleafwellness.biz/


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I love hearing what people like about my cookbook. One of my strategies for keeping my freezer full is to double the recipe that I'm making for dinner. I can never seem to find a full day for cooking.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I do that with spaghetti sauce, but haven't with any other recipes.