Monday, April 9, 2012

DIY craft experiment

I found this vest on pinterest that I decided to attempt making:

*my personal pictures below DO NOT look classy like these pictures, not really the end goal anyway :)

The instructions called for a large or extra large hanes t-shirt. And, since I didn't have that I just decided I'd experiment with a t-shirt I already had to see if it's something I wanted to make in the future. My t-shirt was a medium, so there wasn't nearly as much material to work with.  I think I've decided I may want to venture out and find some cheap larger t-shirts to give this a try. Maybe pair it with a tank top on a nice spring day or a long sleeved shirt in the winter?!!  

**warning: I took these pictures in the short time I had by myself(a friend had my daughter).
And, this vest did take about 5 minutes to make!
Belt in place to show you what the vest truly looks like using a smaller shirt than instructed. Not quite the look I was aiming for, but this was an experiment.

I totally want to make it with a larger shirt!
If I have a chance to redeem myself and make this with a larger shirt, I will definitely do another post(or maybe I should stay away from no sew clothing??). This was easy to make!
And, here's what it looks like on a little person:
I think this will go in her play clothing bin...might be turned into a superhero cape!

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