Monday, April 16, 2012

Life Changes

So, here I was last week: My husband has left for work and my daughter is still asleep.  And, here I am thinking I should get up and start my day. Instead I'm sitting in the living room enjoying the sun streaming through our front window and reflecting on our upcoming move which is just about 5 weeks away 4 weeks away now that I'm getting to edit this! However, the day I wrote the above, my little monkey woke up before I had a chance to finish this and I stopped...Sometimes when this happens, I just leave the post alone and never publish it, but this is one I want to finish!

I'm working hard to be as organized as possible, but I realize when moving day comes we will just be throwing things in boxes without thinking about whether the stuff should really go together.  I also have been thinking about the process of emotionally being ready to move.  We have been prepping for this move for 2 years and we think we're ready, but are we?  Here's the process of how things happened:

1. Job was offered at the beginning of the year: Shock and awe because there really was a job offer.  Seriously, when you've been waiting 2 years for something to happen, it's hard to believe it when it does!

2.  Sadness to be leaving eastern Washington.  We truly love it here and had there been an option we would have chosen to stay. 

3.  Put house on the market, and it sold in less than a month. WOW!

4.  Reality hitting that we are truly moving.  THIS is happening, so we better get ready.

5.  Although it is sad to leave this community that has become such an integral part to our family's life, it is time to move on. 

6.  Excitement has begun!  We will be close enough to the coast and close enough to Portland to able to have plenty of day trips: the beach, omsi, the zoo...and many other activities!

7. We will be close to family and friends!

8. How do I tell my little monkey that we are moving?  Well, we have gotten books from the library, talked about the move and constantly talk about it.  She still thinks we are moving in with the grandparents because that's where we stay when we visit for holidays.  Honestly, it makes sense, but it's a hard concept for her to understand.  

9. Packing and organizing is a long, tedious task. The donation pile is growing!

10. Just about 4 weeks and we will be heading to our new destination!

Any of you had any big moves with a toddler?  Any recommendations on how to help with the transition?

My little monkey decided to clean her room.  Her room was spotless, this was the hallway!

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