Friday, April 27, 2012

Simple Secrets to a Happy Life by Luci Swindoll

First of all, I picked this book because Luci is well respected and well known through Women of Faith.  I was able to attend Women of Faith in the fall, but Luci wasn't on the speaking circuit.  The title of this book pretty much sums up the book and is pretty self explanatory.  There really is nothing new or earth shattering in this book, but it is quite practical and encouraging.

Luci has 50 ways to make the most of everyday.  Each chapter is short and sweet with examples from her life along with scripture references.  It's a quick and easy read; in fact I read it in the first couple days after getting it, but it's been sitting for weeks waiting for me to post this review.  If I had a coffee table this one would be on it.

Although, nothing is new in this book, it helped me take a look at my life and see if there was anything I could change.  And, as usual with speakers from Women of Faith, I wanted to get to know Luci.  There's something about being sincere and honest about your life in a book that is appealing to an audience. Here's a quote on the back of the book:

Everyone falls in love with Luci.  Everyone reads one of her books and wants to know this woman personally.  Everyone feels that sweet sense of connection, where it seems that she is sharing from her plainest, deepest self, and seeing into yours...She's the world's soul mate." -Ann Lamott

And, here's a quote from chapter 37 Figure it out for yourself:
*be clean both inside and out
*neither look up to the rich or down on the poor
*lose, if need be, without squealing
*win without bragging
*always be considerate of women, children and older people
*be too brave to lie
*be too generous to cheat

Remember this: as you figure out life for yourself, start doing common things in an uncommon way.  When you do, you'll command the attention of the world.

Basically, this was a positive book that I'm sure I'll read from time to time.

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