Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY No Sew Purse Pockets

Have you ever had one of those purses that you just keep digging for your keys or your phone and it takes forever to get to them in the never-ending abyss??!! 
One of my birthday gifts was this purse: 

I'm in love with this purse, and I decided I needed more pockets(got tired of digging for what I needed.)  So, I made a cardboard insert.

Materials needed: 
cardboard, scissors, jeans, liquid stitch(or other adhesive), and a measuring tape.

1. I measured the inside of the purse
2. I cut the cardboard to fit
I made sure to put this inside the purse to see if it was what I was hoping for.
3. I cut the part of the jeans I wanted to use and started gluing
My goal was more pockets.
I also glued the jeans on the other side.
4. Once the glue had dried I put the finished product in the purse
Purse before
And, after insert
I have used this today and I feel so much more organized!  Pockets for my phone and keys!

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