Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Faves

1. Quote from my daughter:  Why did you choose to disobey?  
She said:  I can't help it.  It's like on the ipad, it got unlocked inside of me and came out.
2. My smiley easy going boy
3.  Sleep...I've gotten more of it since my tuesday post!
4. Strawberries and freezer jam!  
My mom came over to help with it all!  Thank you Mom!
5. Snuggles with my daughter (I wasn't so fond of it being 4am but both of us went to sleep quickly, which means I also love her full size bed!)
6. Physical therapy seems to be improving my back
7. Coffee!
8. All the men in my life who fulfill the role of being a great dad: my hubby, my dad and my father in law.  Happy Father's Day!
9. Homemade butterfingers made with 3 simple ingredients:
Found the recipe here:
This was so easy to make:
1 pound candy corn
16 oz peanut butter
16 oz of chocolate  (I used milk chocolate chips, but the recipe called for chocolate coating)
*melt candy corn in microwave(do in increments and stir to see if it's melted), stir in peanut butter
*put in 8x8 container lined with parchment paper
*once set up coat with chocolate and let set on wax paper
Next time I think I'll just put the chocolate on top of the butterfingers once it's in the 8x8 container to take out a step and make it easier.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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