Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Faves

1. Headed to the beach, don't forget your baby powder!
Have you seen that pin on pinterest telling you that baby powder helps remove sand. 
It's true.  We went to the beach not too long ago and I put baby powder on my feet and put my flip flops on while we were walking around shopping.  Yup, sand was gone!
**note:  the sand has to be dry.  We tried this on my 5 year old along with using a sheet to get the sand off...that was a no go because she was soaked, but when the sand was dry it came off with the baby powder!
2. Swim lessons: a sign it's truly summer!
3. My easy going boy!
4. Time with extended family
5. Air conditioning (it's gonna get HOT HOT HOT next week!)
6. I was able to do my make-up today(you have NO idea what a great accomplishment this is)!  It will probably melt off with the heat ;-)
7. I text bombed my brother(pretty sure it was close to 50). That's what he gets for not responding, it's not like he has a life or anything...bwahahaha(evil laugh). His loving name for me is Diphead.
Can you tell he's my baby brother!?!
8. Watching my girl interact with her brother.  She gets the best smile out of him!

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