Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Faves

1. In last week's Friday faves I had my serola sacroiliac belt on the list. It's still playing a huge role in my recovery.  
My physical therapist said to continue wearing it while I'm out and about with the kids
until my muscles are stronger (stay tuned on Monday for an update).
2. Long weekend with the hubby home.
3. Day trip to the beach.
4. Smiley baby who made it through my physical therapy appointment
without a fuss!
5. Firsts for my 4 month old: He rolled over for the first time all 
by himself!
6. My new favorite chicken dish inspired by pinterest: 2-4 chicken breasts, favorite veggies,
italian dressing mix spread over it all, then topped with sliced lemons. Baked at 425
for 40-45 minutes. Next goal: try it with fish.

7. Thinking of food: some friends had us over for fish and chips last week.
The appetizer: fried onion rings were my absolute favorite.  My mouth is watering
just thinking about them right now!

8. Nice enough weather for the pool! 

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