Thursday, September 8, 2011

Am I normal?

My baby started preschool this week.  Tuesday was her first day.  I came home and cried.  Letting go and letting her grow up is hard.  My mom told me I'm normal and that was so good to hear! So, I must be doing something right then??!!!

The 2nd and 3rd days of preschool drop off were easier.  Plus, my daughter is quite enthusiastic about school right now. Not sure if this will last, but it is fun to watch her excitement along with talking about the new friends she's made.

 Can I go back on vacation???!!!

I've been using the the Duggar family liquid laundry detergent for about 3 weeks now.  So far I like it, but would like it to be a little more fragrant.  So, I may add some essential oils like they suggest.  And, since my body likes to sweat (i know, maybe TMI?) I'll be interested to see how this detergent continues with long term use on my sweaty clothes.

Stay tuned for a book giveaway to vacuum the house before I pickup my sweet girl!

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