Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Speaker Spotlight: Marilyn Meberg

Oh, Marilyn, you touched on a topic that God has made more than evident to me this past year.  Amazing how He does things like that isn't it!!??!

She discussed cravings and yearnings in our daily lives.  When we are children we are yearning for the next stage of life.  We are always craving something beyond what we have.  When we get to the stage we've been so excited about, most of the time we think:  "This is it?!"

We want more of something good.  We want to feel something.  People sky dive, drive fast cars, zip line, bungee jump, all for the adrenaline rush.  Those things make us feel something.

Are you ever truly satisfied? Most of us would say no.  Her point was that God can meet all our longings, yearnings and cravings.  God created us to want more, but none of those longings and cravings will be fulfilled until we are in heaven.  Everything long lasting will be in eternity.

I feel like this quick summary doesn't do this speaker justice.  She was funny and insightful all at the same time.  I truly would like to know what fast car she drove at 120 mph?????

My reflections:   Throughout this past year God has made it more than evident to me that He is my true fulfillment.  No relationship on this earth will be that fulfillment for me.  I may lose loved ones but I know I will be okay as long as I have my true focus on God.  It doesn't mean life is easy.  But, through the pain of life, my true joy comes from God.  The peace that He gives me amidst my trials is what I can cling to knowing that someday I will be with him in heaven.

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