Thursday, September 22, 2011

WOF: Have you ever come on anything quite like this extravagant generosity of God...? Romans 11:33 (MSG)

The above scripture was the theme scripture for Women of Faith.

So thankful for this opportunity to blog about a GREAT event! This was my first time attending Women of Faith. WOW!!! How do I even begin to describe my experience at Women of Faith?!! I'll start by saying it confirmed and reinforced what God has been teaching me this past year about life in general as a woman seeking God and His plan for my life.

They had an amazing line up of speakers: Patsy Clairmont, Andy Andrews, Brenda Warner, Lisa Whelchel (Facts of Life), and Marylin Meberg. Then, also amazing music by Mandisa, Sandi Patty, Amy Grant,  and can't forget the worship team! Deborah Joy Winans isn't to be forgotten either with her wonderful dramatic performances about balancing motherhood.  And, yes, Cece Winans is her aunt.

What do I say about Patsy?  You can't help but fall in love with this 5 foot, petite, feisty woman who suffered from agoraphobia. She's quick to get you laughing, but quick to get you crying too.  I truly learned that God has been leading me on the right path this year in setting boundaries, focusing on good thoughts rather than impure thoughts, and accepting myself for the person God made me.  Patsy is sincere in sharing from her heart and life experiences.  She doesn't sugar coat anything and somehow finds humor in the toughest of circumstances. Patsy is Andy Andrews favorite "tiny" person and it was a blast watching their interactions on stage.

Now, on to Andy Andrews.  OK, so he is a high energy individual.  Can I say that again?!!  He is a high energy individual who I thought looked like a ping pong ball on and off the stage when he first began speaking.  His unpredictability made you wonder what he was going to do next and what audience member he was going to use as an example to get his point across.  He was pretty hilarious too, but he could quickly get down to business and share the heart of his story.  During Q and A time someone asked him if he'd ever considered drinking decaf...LOL!

Brenda Warner, Lisa Whelchel, and Marilyn Meberg were great women also. Brenda can do the splits being a 40 something mother of 7 and she has an amazing testimony. Lisa Welchel was Blair on the Facts of Life and gave us great wisdom about friendships.  Marilyn Meberg has a need for speed and has found herself going 120 mph! By the way, I'd love to know what fast car she has at the moment?  She is a shrink and discussed the cravings and desires in our lives.  I think she'd be a pretty cool grandmother too!

Mandisa, Sandi Patty and Amy Grant performed for us and it was AWESOME!  Sandy Patty and Amy Grants voices haven't changed since I was a kid.  And, ya know, this was the first time I've seen either of  them in concert.  A childhood dream of mine has been to see Amy grant in concert...dream accomplished :)

I still feel that words cannot express how thankful I am for the opportunity to blog about this Over the Top conference.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I'll leave you with some words of wisdom from the conference:
Change can be good
Prayer and people matter
Actively choose to be grateful
Look for God's grace no matter the circumstance
Imperfect people make real friends

In the days and weeks to come I will do some speaker spotlights to share what I learned at this conference because it was just THAT good! So, stay tuned for more!

Women of Faith can I be your traveling blogger?  ;)

And, don't forget to enter my book giveaway HERE The author, Nicole Johnson, is commonly an author on the agenda of the Women of Faith weekends.  Although, she didn't make a guest appearance at the event I attended.


  1. You did such a great job blogging this event. It was so fun to re-read and be reminded of my perspective and learning experience there, as I was blessed to be sitting up front and close, next to you during the event.

  2. It was a blessing sharing this with you! So glad it worked out!