Friday, August 16, 2013

DIY Glitter Letters

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Materials needed for glitter letters:
1. Paper Mache letters from Joann's: Click HERE for info
2. Paint (in my case pink paint) *spray paint would be easy!
3. Paint brush 
4. Mod podge
5. Glitter (again, in pink)
6. Clear acrylic sealer gloss
7. Paper bags or newspaper
Not all materials included in picture

Step 1: Put your letters on paper bags or newspaper to protect the surface of your craft area
Step 2: Begin painting your letters
Step 3: Allow paint to dry
Step 4: Paint 1 letter with ModPodge and sprinkle glitter over it 
The more ModPodge you put on it the better.
I avoided putting glitter on the sides of the letters. 
Step 5: Shake off excess glitter, repeat step 4 on next letter and use excess glitter from previous letter.
Repeat this process until you are finished with all letters.

Step 6:  Allow all letters to dry
Step 7:  Spray with Clear Acrylic Sealer to seal the glitter (this will keep the glitter in place)
Step 8: Allow letters to dry in well vented area
Step 9: Put up on wall in any way you want. 
I attached mine to pink tulle, glitter ribbon and a wooden rod.

**Things I learned during this project**
If I do this again I may try spray paint instead.  I was using what I had on hand, which was acrylic paint.  
Although I got plenty of glitter on the letters, I had to hurry to get the ModPodge on then get the glitter on. ModPodge dries quickly if not put on thick enough.
Glitter goes everywhere, make sure you are doing this project in a place that can easily be vacuumed.

Another glitter project coming soon!

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