Saturday, August 31, 2013

Local Flavor Swap Reveal,Glitter notebook tutorial, and Giveaway

Chaotic Goddess Swaps

My swap box partner, Becca, is from Florida. You can find her over at: and here's the direct link to what I sent her: Every day life flavor swap

She had a rough week, which made the swap box journey a little bit difficult:
1. Shooting in her town, which meant businesses closed delaying the mailing of the awesome swap box
2. USPS delivered the box to the wrong zip code despite having the correct 1 on the box. This delayed the delivery of the box 2 extra days.

In response to that, Becca was so sweet and emailed me a gift card!  Yup, she's awesome just like the contents of the box!

Here are the contents of my awesome swap box:

All things Disney:  Disney along with coffee and lemonade(my 2 favorite drinks)!  All set to go for a movie night! 

Gator and FSU milk chocolate for college football, nail polish the colors of the local school, shells to represent her favorite beach, the Help because I like the movie, and of course Florida orange juice!

Seriously, you would think Becca was one of my best friends!  This box screams ME(and my daughter loved it too)!!
Thanks Becca for all the thought and effort you put into this box!

For the box I filled for Becca I made her a notebook, it originally looked like this:

and I turned it into something Glitterific
 (and yes, I've been playing a disney fairies game on the ipad way too much this week!)

I believe I found the printable states at: 50 states

1. Print it and cut out the state along with the heart
2. Paint it with Mod Podge 
3. Sprinkle with glitter
4. When dry spray with Clear Acrylic Sealer Gloss
5. Super glue heart where you want it to go on the state
6. Paint the back of the state with mod podge and put it on the notebook

There ya go, easy peasy!

For those of you who love giveaways, I've framed a glitter state similar to the notebook I made for Becca:

Here's what I've made for the giveaway, it's in a 5x7 frame:

How to enter the giveaway:
Leave a comment on this blog telling me what state you live in
Become my friend on facebook: Angie Youniquemom
Winner will be announced in 1 week.


  1. What a great package! Becca rocks, and that was a great representation of FL (from Disney to slavery, she covered the gamut). I'm amazed USPS only delayed it 2 days....last year, a package I sent went through the same thing and arrived 2 *weeks* late. Phew! And the glitter journal you sent was lovely! Too bad I don't know any Portland peeps anymore...hrmmm....

  2. I'm in Indiana! Love your glitter! What great ideas for swaps!! Love all the Disney things. Enjoy your movie!!

  3. so happy you liked everything and son has laid claim to notebook he loved the glitter